Common Questions & Answers related to Excel Physical Therapy and Coronavirus Precautionary Efforts:


 1) Why Did Excel Physical Therapy Reopen on March 30, 2020? 

Our goal is to continue to balance the need to assist all of our patient population, including those patients who currently suffer in pain and require manual therapy or stimulation to achieve their recovery goals, which can only be performed in a clinic setting. In addition, we also recognize that some patients can achieve their recovery goals with a Home Exercise Program, while being monitored via TeleHealth by a licensed physical therapist as a temporary means to deliver care and also relieve any added burden to the health system. We have reopened our clinics in order to continue to serve the needs of our patients, but do so in a manner that is as safe as possible for our patients and our staff.  Our In Clinic Safety Protocols and Procedures enacted with our reopening meet and exceed the recommended guidelines of both OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and we require the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) by our therapists that is designed to meet the specific safety hazards encountered at a physical therapy clinic.

2)  What Steps are you taking to maintain a safe treatment environment? 

We have implemented stringent screening, cleaning, social distancing, and protective gear processes in the clinic.

  • Screening –  
– Patients:  All patients must be screened in order to enter the clinic and a designated screening station is setup either outside, or in front of our clinics. All patients are asked a series of questions to  determine any level of risk and each patient’s temperature is also taken. Should there be any risk determination, the appointment will be rescheduled. We strongly recommend that all patients wear a provided surgical mask for their appointment. 
  – Staff: All staff is also screened daily prior to starting any patient treatment and also has their temerature taken and recorded daily. Should there be any risk determination, the therapist will not be allowed to treat patients and will be referred for further medical testing. 
  • Cleaning  –  All clinic surfaces and common areas are cleaned at least hourly, if not more. Interior and exterior door handles and doorways where there are common touches are also cleaned hourly using EPA registered disinfectants. All treatment areas are sanitized both before and after patient use. Patient Common Areas have been closed and access is restricted. All patient pillow cases and towels for patient use are washed frequently using hot water and detergent. Hand Sanitizers and other disinfectants are available for use in our clinics. 
  • Social Distancing – In order to encourage social distancing, chairs in patient waiting areas have been separated to maintain a 6-foot distance, and in order to further ensure limited interaction in a patient waiting area, we encourage patients not to arrive early for appointments, and we only schedule 30-minute slots to limit appointment overlap as well as the number of patients and staff in the clinic. All treatment beds have added distance between in order to practice social distance.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – Each therapist is required to wear appropriate PPE, based on the type of hazard encountered in a physical therapy clinic setting, which includes gloves and surgical masks in order to treat patients. PPE is not reused and when a patient’s treatment is complete, the items are disposed of in a designated area.

3) What about people who may be sick, but do not present with signs or symptoms? 

Our actions are based on doing everything we can to eliminate risk and we also recommend that all patients wear a provided surgical mask to add further protection and risk mitigation.  Our protocols and cleaning efforts including hourly disinfecting are further actions which we are undertaking in an effort to keep our patients and staff as safe and healthy as possible. 

4) What if I can’t get a Prescription for Physical Therapy from my doctor?

Our therapists will be able to treat you for a period of 30 days without a physician prescription, via a process called Direct Access. Please contact any of our nearest clinics where a representative can provide more information regarding accepted insurance and other requirements.

5) Can’t I just wait or postpone treatment and return when things are back to normal?  

While we understand that patients may have concerns at this time, it is important to note that the longer a patient delays treatment, the worse the condition may progress and could involve added pain, discomfort or reduced mobility. In order to meet the needs of all of our patients, we offer both In Clinic and TeleHealth as options for treatment:

  • In-Clinic – Utilizing all of the precautions detailed above, we are able to perform hands-on treatment to lessen your pain and improve function and movement.  
  • TeleHealth – A live, one on one, audiovisual teleconference with a licensed physical therapist using an easy to use internet based tool, where you may receive treatment virtually from the comfort of your own home. 

6) How long are TeleHealth visits?

TeleHealth visits are typically scheduled in either a 30-minute or 60-minute session. Your physical therapist will provide more specific details based on your plan of care as to which type of visit best meets your needs. 

7) Do I have to wear a provided surgical mask?

We strongly encourage all patients to wear the provided surgical masks at each treatment session. It is important to note that not all masks are created equal.  We have a supply of grade 2 and grade 3 medical masks as determined by the following specifications:

Personal Mask vs. Surgical Mask:

Personal Mask = a non-medical mask; usually made of cloth material and purchased at a non-medical store.

Surgical/Medical Mask = grade 2 or 3 regulated mask that is proven to provide a strong barrier against droplets and usually purchased through an approved vendor.

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