Tips for Picking the Right Shoe for Walking or Running

A lot of people are interested in improving their fitness by adopting a walking program, but sometimes don’t know how to start. For many of us, it can be really scary and a bit intense to think about moving more and making changes to improve our health and fitness. But, where do you start? How […]

Featured PT- Brad Richie, PT, DPT

Brad joined Excel Physical Therapy in our Bensalem location earlier this year. He is currently seeking his McKenzie spine certification. What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of care? I enjoy being able to get to know patient and build a rapport with everyone since you are the only one that […]

Gold Medal Performance #LifeWithoutLimits

Joy Oakey who treated in our Media clinic  won 2 golds and a silver at USATF masters national championship track meet in Michigan!! “I compete with a masters track team at both national championships and at local track meets and road/off road races. However it all came to an abrupt end when I experienced pain […]

Patty Carafa for #LifeWithoutLimits

  Patty Carafa was seen in our Southampton Clinic after two years of dealing with Achilles pain. She is now able to run after her granddaughter! “Due to an ineffective past experience, I did not have much faith in Physical Therapy!  but after dealing with Achilles Tendonitis for about two years, I was willing to […]

Kenneth Hayes for #LifeWithoutLimits

Below is a success story submitted by Kenneth Hayes.  Kenneth was seen in our Northeast Philadelphia clinic located on Krewstown Road.  His story inspires us to keep doing what we are doing!  It works!  In his eyes – worthy of a million bucks! “My first day at Excel was full of fear – that I […]

You won’t be disappointed! Well, thats what our patients say!

“I first came to Excel Physical Therapy as a skeptic. I was wrong to think that way. I experienced whiplash in a recent car accident & figured one appointment to assess my back couldn’t hurt. Through my therapy I discovered just how strained my back muscles were.   I saw results immediately. Excel gave me the hands on […]

A Quick Note of Thanks

It doesn’t take much to show how appreciative our patients can be! A quick note to Jason and Brian at our Cherry Hill Excel clinic. Fantastic job, guys! “You guys were all so amazing! I am very appreciative of all the staff for your constant encouragement. A special thanks to Jason and Brian – thanks for […]

Some Love for our Chalfont Clinic

Another great success story from a happy patient! Nice job Tim! Gooo Apex! “On September 9, 2013 I was in a car accident, where I was broadsided by another car, who had run a red light. As time progressed I started to have a great deal of pain from my cervical spine, radiating down my […]

A Round of Applause for Apex’s Lionville Clinic!

A wonderful success story for Dan Allen and his staff at our Apex Lionville clinic! Way to go guys! My Success Story at Apex Physical Therapy and Fitness Center I had bilateral knee replacement surgery on December 3, 2013 and after spending a week in Bryn Mawr rehabilitation Hospital, I needed additional physical therapy to […]

A Quick Little Thank You

Our Society Hill team really made a big difference for this patient! Way to go guys! Woohoo! “Just another way to thank Courtney, Vi, Brandi, Tony, Adam & Lauren for all of their assistance and laughter in my journey back to back health! Courtney was especially instrumental in my recovery. I truly appreciate her academia […]