Patient Success Story – West Chester

A note from a recent patient expressing his sincere thanks to his physical therapist, Sarah.   “Regarding my experience with Excel Physical Therapy – West Chester and my therapist Sarah Pichini, PT, DPT I am a board-certified physician in 4 subspecialties and have been actively practicing medicine for the past fifty years. I only mention […]

Patient Success Story – Northeast Philadelphia

“It is hard to put into words how impressed I have been with both my PT Anthony and Excel PT. When I first started, I could barely raise my arm and had difficulty with basic tasks. I had previously received PT at a different company and was very disappointed with the therapy plan. I am […]

Decrease Neck Pain and Improve Your Quality of Life

Your Neck and You Have you been experiencing neck pain, headaches, dizziness, or stiffness? Are you using a computer or mobile device more frequently than normal? You aren’t alone. According to a literature review performed by Dr. Bart Green, approximately 67-80% of people will have neck pain at some point in their lives 1.  We’ve […]

Don’t Delay Treatment For Your Back Pain

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide¹. Annual healthcare system costs in the US alone are in the billions for the treatment of back pain². Recent research shows an increasing prevalence of back pain in men and the elderly population, resulting in time away from work, hobbies, family occasions, and more¹. While acute […]

What is Men’s Pelvic Health?

What is Men’s Pelvic Health? To discuss men’s health, you first have to acknowledge that men too have pelvic floor muscles! Often, this area of the body is commonly associated with women, pregnancy, and birth. However, there are a variety of common issues that affect the male pelvic floor. Broadly, men’s health is the optimal […]

Movement is Medicine

How The LSVT-BIG Program Helps Treat Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease is a “progressive disease of the nervous systems marked by tremor, muscle rigidity and slow, imprecise movement. It is associated with degeneration of the basal ganglia of the brain and a deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine.” It commonly affects 4-6 million people worldwide.  It is […]

Avoiding Shoulder Injuries in Baseball

Shoulder and elbow injuries are common in baseball players of all ages, however, this is increasingly common as youth players become more specialized and more competitive at earlier ages. Additionally, players may not have access to the same level of training that they usually would due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoulder and elbow injuries can […]

Medical mystery: What was causing woman’s chronic hip pain?

Brian Warenius, PT, DPT, COMT, CSCS, Clinic Director in Blue Bell was recently interviewed for an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about a woman’s chronic hip pain diagnosis. “This case was a good reminder that it’s important to look beyond the site of pain when diagnosing and treating the body. To ensure that the patient […]

Is Your Lower Back Ready For Winter?

Your holiday shopping is done, but is your lower back ready for this winter? Your hat and scarf were thrown aside after about 10 minutes of shoveling, once you started sweating. You got down the sidewalk with ease, breathing heavy but feeling good. It wasn’t until you tackled the ridge of packed snow, plowed around […]

Foot Focused: The Importance of a Strong Foot Core System

Whether you are a school-aged child with chronic ankle injuries, a competitive athlete wanting to improve your skills, a “stand all day” hard worker with lingering back pain, or a retired grandparent concerned about changes in your balance, there is potentially a shared quality among you: a weak foot core system.  Too often, the strength […]