Patient Success Story – West Chester

“Excel Physical Therapy has encouraged me and enabled me to successfully recover from several injuries and accidents in recent years and I am so grateful. My right leg had patellar scar tissue from an accident 3 decades ago. Trauma from that accident also caused ankle fusion on that same leg. Last year I fell and reinjured […]

Patient Success Story – Pottstown

“I went through years of chiropractic help and tried anything to make my neck and back pain go away. Nothing was working for me. The chiropractor only ever caused more pain and stress. I dealt with this pain until I reached a max breaking point. One night I couldn’t bear it anymore. I’m 17 years […]

I Want to Start Running!

Tips for Beginners Spring is here, and that means you may be itching for a new form of exercise. If running is something you want to pursue, we are here to help. One of the biggest challenges a new runner faces is not knowing how or where to start, so we have recommendations for your […]

Patient Success Story – Glen Mills

“The PT plan that my therapist put together for me was extraordinary. The first visit was comprised of questions and an evaluation of my area that was giving me pain. She then put together a PT plan of exercises that were tailored to my problem. With every exercise, I received instructions on completing the task […]

Nutrition for Healthy Aging

HOW NUTRITION AND PROPER MOVEMENT GO HAND-IN-HAND You likely already know that your diet has a big impact on your health. But are you aware of the influences it has on the aging process? That’s right, good nutrition contributes to a lot more than just managing weight and providing energy! Your diet affects many aspects […]

Find Relief From Elbow Pain with PT

SWING INTO SPRING As springtime approaches, many of us are eager to get back to all of the outdoor activities and projects that have been put on hold by the winter weather. This enthusiasm coupled with that period of inactivity can at times lead to a variety of painful overuse conditions, including the very common […]

Proper Ergonomics at Work & Home

With more people working from home, kitchens, dining rooms, couches – and even sitting on the floor – have turned into at-home offices. However, these settings were not designed for working on a laptop for 8-10 hours each day. As a result, more people have begun to experience physical aches and pains. We are also […]

Patient Success Story – Washington Square

“I have been a patient at Excel since 2018, in and out with various injuries that were always resolved under the great care of Brad Richie, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT. My latest stint began a few weeks before I ran the New Orleans Marathon in February 2020. I came in with quad pain, was […]

Cold Weather Running Tips

In any weather conditions, your focus will be on maintaining proper form and purposeful breathing rhythms. However, there are a few things to considerations when temperatures drop. Here are a few tips to prepare your body, know what to watch for during your run, and how to cool down afterward. Before Your Run Make sure […]

Headaches & Neck Pain

Headaches affect almost 50% of the population and, in many cases, last for a short duration and resolve gradually. However, in more moderate and severe cases, a headache can last for hours or days, reoccur frequently, and can limit work productivity, daily activities, concentration, social lives, and sleep. Often, the headache and associated symptoms can […]