Patient Success Story – Washington Square

“I have been a patient at Excel since 2018, in and out with various injuries that were always resolved under the great care of Brad Richie, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT. My latest stint began a few weeks before I ran the New Orleans Marathon in February 2020. I came in with quad pain, was […]

Cold Weather Running Tips

In any weather conditions, your focus will be on maintaining proper form and purposeful breathing rhythms. However, there are a few things to considerations when temperatures drop. Here are a few tips to prepare your body, know what to watch for during your run, and how to cool down afterward. Before Your Run Make sure […]

Headaches & Neck Pain

Headaches affect almost 50% of the population and, in many cases, last for a short duration and resolve gradually. However, in more moderate and severe cases, a headache can last for hours or days, reoccur frequently, and can limit work productivity, daily activities, concentration, social lives, and sleep. Often, the headache and associated symptoms can […]

Patient Success Story – Pottstown

“Because I had fallen a few times, my family doctor recommended I have my balance evaluated and he suggested Excel. Cal, my therapist, worked with me on balance and also on issues I have with my feet. I had surgery on one foot and at some point, I will need surgery on my other foot. […]

Rotator Cuff Tears and Repairs

What is the Rotator Cuff? The shoulder is a ball and socket joint that offers a remarkable amount of motion unparalleled anywhere else in the body. Because of this high degree of mobility, this joint requires a lot of stability in order to keep it in its proper place. The rotator cuff is a series […]

Excel Physical Therapy Partners with Ivy Rehab Network

Since its opening in 1990, Excel Physical Therapy has provided effective manual therapy treatment through hands-on, individualized care. Throughout the last three decades, we have leveraged our wealth of experience to serve thousands of patients to become the well-established practice we are today. It is with great excitement that we announce our recent partnership with Ivy […]

Treating the Patient Not the Picture

“I have my x-ray and MRI results; do you want to see them”? This is a common question therapists receive during a patient’s first visit at their initial evaluation. Many patients are fearful of the results in an MRI report, such as; tear, herniation, degenerative disc disease, bulging, effusion, and edema, to name a few. […]

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention

Risk Factors for Falls An estimated one-third of adults age 65 and over fall every year. While some falls do not result in injury, a fall that does result in injury can lead to loss of independence and limiting of daily activities due to heightened fear of falling. This ultimately initiates an overall lower quality […]

Pelvic Health Success Story

“I have been dealing with pelvic floor problems for over 8 years before my new doctor recommended pelvic floor physical therapy. At this point, I was willing to try anything. She told me that this would not be something I could fix overnight and to not be discouraged if I did not see results right […]

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