Pelvic Health Success Story

“I have been dealing with pelvic floor problems for over 8 years before my new doctor recommended pelvic floor physical therapy. At this point, I was willing to try anything. She told me that this would not be something I could fix overnight and to not be discouraged if I did not see results right […]

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What the Vaccine Means for Hands-on Care

Letter from the CEO: What the Vaccine Means for Hands-on Care 2020 was full of learning experiences with all new processes, protocols, and standards. As the world shifted to remote settings, so did life for our physical therapists, who like you, are balancing homeschooling and quarantine restrictions while working. In addition, our team learned how […]

Physical Activity Improves Your Health

APTA’s New ChoosePT Public Service Announcement Delivers the Movement Message. The spot, to be distributed nationwide, is a call to increase physical activity—and seek PTs to help improve and restore movement. “It’s time to move, and keep moving, America — wherever you are, however you can.” That’s one of the key messages in APTA’s new […]

What is Graston Technique?

How the Graston Technique Can Help You Feel Your Best Graston technique is a form of Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) often used by physical therapists when treating injuries involving soft tissue damage, including muscles and tendons. How does it work? There are 6 different Graston tools in a variety of shapes to help treat […]

Get Freedom from Pain! – July 2019 FREE SCREEN OFFER!

Seeking freedom from pain? Contact us today for a Complimentary Pain Assessment at any of our 32 clinics near you! Visit  or call our clinics,  and we’ll help you regain your independence! Happy 4th of July!  

Hip and Knee Pain Relief

Knee or hip pain is a common complaint among individuals of all ages and genders. There are many causes for hip and knee pain. Some of these issues such as osteoarthritis, hip impingement syndrome, patellofemoral (kneecap) pain syndrome, bursitis, and tendinopathies can be due to overuse. In addition, there are always sources of pain that […]

Back Pain or Sciatica?

“I think I may have sciatica, but I’m not sure. I have pain that travels down my leg, isn’t that sciatic pain? The discomfort in my back and leg seem different, how do I know if they’re related to each other? How do I just get rid of this pain?” Chances are you, or someone […]

Joshua Colon- From A Patient To An Award Winning Inventor

  Joshua had over pronated(flat) feet and his physician recommended physical therapy.  His mother researched centers and found out that Excel had a great reputation and got him started in our Cherry Hill location. His therapist was Gabriel Rocco, PT, DPT. The therapy was very effective and fun. His soccer cleats stopped hurting him and he started […]