Tips for Picking the Right Shoe for Walking or Running

A lot of people are interested in improving their fitness by adopting a walking program, but sometimes don’t know how to start. For many of us, it can be really scary and a bit intense to think about moving more and making changes to improve our health and fitness. But, where do you start? How […]

Updated Clinic Protocols and Safety video

Click to view a video overview of our new safety protocols at our clinics which are now effective March 30, 2020 to ensure patient safety.

Hip causing you some trouble?

Have a job that entails sitting all day long? Us too! Here are some tips & tricks to stretch out your hips & not feel so stiff!   Click here for a video on this stretch!

We’re famous! Well…our patient’s are!

From the weather board to a wall slide, Cecily Tynan is finding out just what  Excel Physical Therapy is all about. Thanks to Jen at the Media clinic, Cecily should be back in action soon! See Cecily’s recovery here…

Workplace Wellness!

Ever feel like your glued to your desk all day every day? Here are some tips & exercises to get you up and moving towards a healthy day at work! Click here for exercise video   For more information, please click the link below.

Motion Monday’s movement

Heel Raises are important & feel great. Watch this video to learn more! Heel Raises– click here to watch video  

Motion Monday!

Tired of the shoulder pain? Try this sleeper stretch to get back moving. Sleeper Stretch

Motion Monday!

It’s Motion Monday! The standard plank is a great core strengthening exercise. Watch today’s video to ensure you’re doing it with proper form to avoid injury and get the maximum benefit.      

Motion Monday

It’s Motion Monday! Today we show you the proper way to do the common side plank to help build hip and core strength. (Click photo for video)  

Motion Monday!

It’s Motion Monday! Here are 2 stretch variations for the iliotibial band, which connects the lateral hip muscles to the outside of knee. These can help prevent injuries that may be caused from constant bending of the knee. (Click photo for video)