Excel Physical Therapy Partners with Ivy Rehab Network

Since its opening in 1990, Excel Physical Therapy has provided effective manual therapy treatment through hands-on, individualized care. Throughout the last three decades, we have leveraged our wealth of experience to serve thousands of patients to become the well-established practice we are today.

It is with great excitement that we announce our recent partnership with Ivy Rehab Network. Our team of passionate healthcare professionals will continue to provide top-notch hands-on treatment using the same low-patient volume approach that we always have. This partnership allows us to strengthen our resources to deliver the best quality of care to the communities we serve.

Joining the Ivy Rehab Network will further empower our team to continue Excel’s mission to help people return to the activities they love, and to deliver high-quality care to our community. We are looking forward to growing together with Ivy throughout southeast Pennsylvania in order to provide additional convenient clinic options for our patients.

Same convenient locations. Same skilled physical therapists. Same quality hands-on care.

As always, thank you for choosing Excel Physical Therapy as your healthcare partner!


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