Gardening Tips to Avoid Hip, Back & Knee Pain

Gardening Tips to Avoid Hip, Back & Knee Pain

Spring has officially arrived! Are you ready to head out into your garden and put your green thumb to good use? No matter if you are currently dealing with pain or not, it’s important to take precautions while gardening to avoid injuring yourself and intensifying your pain further. While you’re digging in your garden this season, implement the following tips to stay healthy and pain-free. 


Warm-up Before Getting to Planting

While gardening may not seem like a structured workout to you, it’s actually qualified as exercise according to the CDC. Just like with any other exercise, warming up before gardening can help loosen tight joints and get your blood flowing. Before heading out to your garden, take five to 10 minutes to stretch and move around. Warming up will prevent back pain and stiff muscles after a day of hard work in the garden.


Keep Moving

We all know that painful feeling you get after getting up from sitting in an uncomfortable position for too long. This feeling is common with gardening, as we put our bodies in unnatural positions for long periods of time. One of the solutions to back, knee, and hip pain after gardening is to stay active. Getting up and moving around frequently will keep hip, back, and knee pain at bay. This tip is especially helpful if you are gardening with arthritis or other joint pain.


Use Knee Pads for Cushioning

Whether you’re gardening with bad knees or are pain-free in your knees, this tip is for everyone. While kneeling might be a great position for weeding and planting, putting pressure on your knees can lead to pain and joint issues later in life. If you’re gardening with bad knees or looking for extra support, use wearable or moveable knee pads that are durable and include straps. 


Adjust Your Positioning

Hunching over while gardening can do a number on many different parts of your body. If you’re gardening with arthritis, then you know this struggle all too well. To avoid back, knee, and hip pain after gardening, try keeping your back and neck straight as you bend over. This will reduce the amount of stress put on your spine. If you are still experiencing pain after adjusting your positioning, try enlisting the help of your local physical therapist for easy modifications. Activating your core and using the proper form can make all the difference in how you feel at the end of the day. 


Ease Gardening Pain With Physical Therapy

If you are experiencing pain from gardening or other springtime activities, Excel Physical Therapy is here to help. Our licensed physical therapists will provide you with hands-on physical therapy exercises for hip and knee pain to help get you back into the garden. Don’t suffer through the pain — we want to help get you back to your favorite activities this spring. Request an appointment at one of our 38 convenient locations today! We look forward to hearing from you.


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