Patient Success Story – Pottstown

“I went through years of chiropractic help and tried anything to make my neck and back pain go away. Nothing was working for me. The chiropractor only ever caused more pain and stress. I dealt with this pain until I reached a max breaking point. One night I couldn’t bear it anymore. I’m 17 years old and couldn’t do anything that someone my age should be able to do. I couldn’t dance without pain, participate in gymnastics, run, work out, anything. My mom saw there was really a problem with my pain and it holding me back so we went to Rothman and they suggested I give physical therapy another shot even though I was against it because chiropractic never helped me in the 3 years I went.

But I started physical therapy at Excel and I am beyond thankful for Cal’s help and everything I have been able to do since he helped me. I would recommend excel to anyone with pain, and I think Cal was a really good person for me to start this journey with. He was very good at always explaining everything to me so I would be aware of what all the exercises I was doing were going to help with and even explained some of the anatomies behind why I was having the pain I did or what could be causing the irritation. I am working through any small discomforts I may have now at home because I have all the tools I need to benefit myself. I appreciate Cal and Excel for everything and everything I am able to do again. It is all because of Cal’s help. Thank you!”

-Pottstown patient


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