Patient Success Story – West Chester

“Excel Physical Therapy has encouraged me and enabled me to successfully recover from several injuries and accidents in recent years and I am so grateful.

My right leg had patellar scar tissue from an accident 3 decades ago. Trauma from that accident also caused ankle fusion on that same leg. Last year I fell and reinjured the leg, tearing the meniscus and later causing stress fractures.

Katie Rapp worked with me to strengthen my right leg during the recovery from meniscus surgery and then after the stress fractures. It was a long 6-month process, but with her expertise and encouragement, I was able to make it to September when I had a right total knee replacement. Katie was instrumental in helping me recover in fine form through a combination of massage, stretching and strengthening exercises, and encouragement.

As a consequence of using crutches and a walker before and after the right knee replacement surgery, my shoulder was out of whack. Katie worked her magic on the shoulder and gave me exercises to do before and after my left total knee replacement 6 weeks later.

Now my left knee is thanking her for her expertise as I am recovering very nicely from the surgery. I plan on walking a 5K in her honor at the end of the summer.

Excel Physical Therapy and Katie have truly been my savior the past year! I can’t say enough thanks.”

-West Chester patient


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