Patient Success Story – West Chester

A note from a recent patient expressing his sincere thanks to his physical therapist, Sarah.

“Regarding my experience with Excel Physical Therapy – West Chester and my therapist Sarah Pichini, PT, DPT

I am a board-certified physician in 4 subspecialties and have been actively practicing medicine for the past fifty years. I only mention this so that you realize I am knowledgeable when it comes to health care. My care at Excel Physical Therapy under the guidance of Sarah Pichini was excellent. Sarah is not only highly educated in this field but has a warm and outgoing personality that puts her patients at immediate ease.

When I first started to work with Sarah post-left shoulder arthroplasty in January 2021, I had essentially no strength in this extremity and minimal flexibility. Sarah constantly encouraged me and put me at ease insisting that over time I would show significant improvement. Through her guidance and constant work with me, I am happy to say that my movement, flexibility, and strength have markedly improved to the point of near normalcy.

I have returned to the gym to work out as I used to years ago. I am also able to swing a golf club and play this dumb game, which I had given up years ago because of my damaged left shoulder. To be able to work again and exercise as I used to in the past without discomfort or pain is a blessing.

I highly recommend Excel Physical Therapy, especially Sarah Pichini, PT, DPT to anyone who wishes to improve their physical status and get back to functioning as a normal healthy person with reduction or total elimination of pain and improvement in flexibility and movement.

Very Truly Yours,

Robert H. Brookman, DO”


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