Pelvic Health Success Story

“I have been dealing with pelvic floor problems for over 8 years before my new doctor recommended pelvic floor physical therapy. At this point, I was willing to try anything. She told me that this would not be something I could fix overnight and to not be discouraged if I did not see results right away. My doctor recommended Excel Physical Therapy and was able to easily schedule an appointment for later in the week.

I was apprehensive at my first appointment due to the sensitive nature of my problems. My therapist, Dana van der Kieft, put me at ease from the beginning. She thoroughly explains why things are happening with my body and created a plan to correct my issues. She makes sure to explicitly receive consent before touching me and never makes me feel uncomfortable about my out-of-shape body.

The stretches she recommended were easy to complete but most importantly showed immediate improvements in my symptoms. It only took two sessions to get my constipation issues fixed. This was something I have struggled with for over 10 years. After 8 weeks of physical therapy, I can say that 95% of my issues are corrected or vastly improved. I am still amazed at how well I feel, and I only wish I had started physical therapy sooner. While my physical therapy journey is not over yet, I cannot thank Dana and Excel Physical Therapy enough for easing my anxiety, giving me hope, and guiding me towards a pain-free sex life.

I would recommend Excel Physical therapy to anyone needing physical therapy (especially pelvic floor therapy). While I hope to never need physical therapy again, if I did, I would return to Excel.”


-Anonymous Patient


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