Reduce Injuries with Functional Movement

Have you been dealing with an ache or pain that doesn’t seem to go away or worried about an injury sidelining you this sports season? At Excel Physical Therapy, our physical therapy team is highly trained to identify what injuries athletes and non-athletes may be susceptible to, regardless of age, gender, or ability.

Our team will perform a comprehensive analysis using Functional Movement Screen (FMS) or Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) to help us provide the tools to reduce these risks and get you moving and feeling better again.

The FMS is a quick assessment for active D l individuals to determine if there are weak links that need to be addressed in rehabilitation and/or fitness programs. The intent is injury prevention as opposed to actual treatment after the fact. Request an appointment at Excel Physical Therapy today and see if the FMS or SFMA is right for you!

How FMS and SFMA Help Prevent Injuries

The FMS has changed how physical therapists assess patients, and more importantly, it has helped countless people learn the tools needed to prevent future injuries. The FMS and SFMA are assessments that use specific movements to identify weaknesses and mobility restrictions linked to increased risk of injury.

The screenings aim to detect problems while simultaneously serving as a baseline to test for improvement. The screenings also help the clinician to develop an exercise program that addresses specific areas of weakness and/or restrictions.

The FMS assesses seven fundamental movements used in normal daily life and efficiently and effectively identifies dysfunctional movement patterns that impact your physical function and performance. The SFMA is used to identify deficits in joint range of motion, muscle flexibility, strength, and recruitment strategies causing your painful, dysfunctional movement. The SFMA takes into account the inability to coordinate proper movements and allows us to identify the correct issues (mobility versus motor control).

What To Expect At Your Physical Therapy Session

At Excel Physical Therapy, our therapists will complete the screenings on your first visit. We will use this information to develop a comprehensive program that includes mobility work, strength training, balance training, and coordination drills.

The assessments expose weaknesses and limitations in mobility, and exercises are prescribed to correct these problems. Our experts use their skills to balance coordination, mobility, strength, and stability. This creates a solid foundation for fitness, work, daily activities, and overall well-being.

Request an appointment at Excel Physical Therapy today!

If you are looking for proven methods to simultaneously identify the source of your pain, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance your physical performance, contact Excel Physical Therapy today! We will create a targeted, individualized plan of care for you to continue on your own, including in-season training, to maximize your recovery and prevent future injuries.


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