What the Vaccine Means for Hands-on Care

Letter from the CEO: What the Vaccine Means for Hands-on Care

2020 was full of learning experiences with all new processes, protocols, and standards. As the world shifted to remote settings, so did life for our physical therapists, who like you, are balancing homeschooling and quarantine restrictions while working. In addition, our team learned how to perform their hands-on skills virtually.

This is counterintuitive to the distinctiveness of physical therapy, but our team knew treatment could not come to a halt. Our therapists learned to deliver top-notch, quality care remotely for our patients. While this service has proven its worth during the pandemic, we are eager to return to a normal clinic environment safely.

As we continue to remain vigilant in our screenings, cleaning, and social distancing protocols, many of our team members have also chosen to be vaccinated as an additional safety measure.  With that, I am proud to share that the majority of our staff is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccination is critical to protecting our patients and staff and we take that very seriously. There are patients, like you, who need our hands-on care now.  Our value as providers of physical therapy lies in our ability to connect with patients, and having vaccinated therapists providing this additional safety measure of care for our patients fosters this connection.

We will continue to do our part in providing safe, hands-on care so our patients can resume pursuing the activities they love while being pain-free. Should you want to learn more about COVID-19 vaccination options and safety, below are sites that offer this education.

CDC Link

PDOH Link 

In Good Health,

Kristin Mullen, CEO, Excel Physical Therapy


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